Cardi Thomas

Mr. Cardinal Thomas, was a shoemaker in the town of Chantemelle in the island of Grenada in the early 1930’s. Affectionately called Cardi, by family members and villagers, he had eleven children, one of whom, Mr. Clyde Thomas immigrated to Trinidad in 1940 at the age of twenty-five. Ambokile Adio, Clyde’s grandon, was attracted to the art of leather tanning by the successes and legacy of his grandfather, Cardi Thomas and has mastered the process of vegetable leather tanning and is channeling the leather to skilled craftsmen.

Mr. Adio came to me for Social Media Strategy and Execution but as is usually the case, my integrated approach to branding and marketing led me to propose ways that a holistic campaign could be crafted. A lot of work was done. A photo shoot was planned and executed, with Shaun Rambaran of Forge Imagery. I cleaned up the Cardi Thomas Facebook page, and got it ready for visitor traffic by adding fresh pictures, populating the page settings and adding copy that could be accessed as search terms. I re-worked the website as a landing page for the Facebook ad campaign. I set up a Youtube channel and Google account, which facilitated live streaming at the launch for the brand’s leather bags. I took pictures and executed live streaming at the launch event.

For a project like this there would usually be need for a cadre of digital resources, including but not limited to square or transparent logo images, favicons for the website and images for the Facebook ads. Within the first seven days, there had been 100 likes to the Facebook page, some organic and some paid. I wrote a Content Strategy for the first month of the Facebook page, and created customer profiles, that could be measured against as I figured out the demographic most attracted to his primary product, the Cardi Thomas line of bags.

Cardi Thomas had been a successful branding exercise; initiated and then handed over to the client.