Cannabis Christmas Tees

In Trinidad and Tobago, cannabis was decriminalized on December 23rd, 2019. A few days before the 23rd, I got the idea for this teeshirt design and decided to go for it immediately. I did the design, bought some teeshirts and printed the teeshirts using a plotter and industrial heat press. They were really well received, and people are looking forward to the follow-up iteration of it that is not Christmas-specific.

Sankofa Sanctuary

Sankofa Sanctuary is a Grenada hilltop retreat villa and sanctuary space. Romantic is an’s got a unique history – the property was first built in the late 1950’s and coined ‘Fort Nelson’. Two of the canons are still present on the property even as it changed hands three times since then. The guiding intention of Sankofa Sanctuary is to create and provide immersion experiences ‘where expansion and sanctuary converge.’ It is an utmost pleasure working alongside the owner to design this branding and identity. Check them out in IG at @sankofasanctuary


YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association) came to me to re-design and re-develop their website. I wanted to make sure that the website would be appealing to all ages, so I made sure it had a larger than usual interface to avoid it being too small for readers of different ages. I focused on crafting a modular design that would translate well to mobile. Vibrant colors were used, in a way that would be engaging but not feel overly colourful. Deliverables: Website Re-design and Re-development