iGone CrossFit

iGone CrossFit, founded in April 2016, is a multi-faceted fitness center that incorporates functional movements, powerlifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics to produce a full body workout within each session. iGone needed to update and improve their website, as well as add new content. Their website is also served from my Managed VPS Web Hosting platform. https://www.igonecrossfit.com/ Deliverables: Website Design/Development This website is hosted with JM™ Managed VPS Web Hosting

Conec Coaching

Conec Professional Life Coaching Services Ltd. is run by Mz. Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph and offers exclusive coaching workshops, individual sessions, intimate group coaching forums, and social events. https://coneccoaching.com/ Deliverables: Website Design/Development Website Maintenance – on an ongoing basis, facilitating feature upgrades and content edits.

A Baptiste Coaching

Anthonio Baptiste is a motivational speaker and financial coach. I built his website and designed a workbook that he uses with his clients and mentees. https://abaptistecoaching.com/ Deliverables: Website Design/Development Graphic Design – Slider images and event flyers 28 page Workbook Design and Layout

Caps 12 Snacks

It’s been 15 years since I’ve been doing print production for newspaper advertisements, books, annual reports, stationery, brochures, posters, labels as well as pdf manipulation and proof-checking for die-cut print layouts, etcetera. I use industry-standard software for various types of formats and outputs, including Corel Graphics for laser-cutting. All this varied expertise gives my designs and deliverables the perfected finish that comes with years of experience. See some of the labels that I’ve designed and executed print production for recently.