Penny Pinchers Ltd

For Penny Pinchers Ltd, a catering and event management company with their own location, affectionately nicknamed ‘Mary’, I manage and execute their Graphic Design and Web Development needs. Deliverables: Logo Re-design Website Design and Development Uniform Design Stationery Design and Print Production Flyer Design Social Media Digital Assets + Brand Consultation

Kwesi ‘Shottalinkz’ Paul

Kwesi ‘Shottalinkz’ Paul is an extremely gifted and hardworking tenor player who has arranged for numerous bands, played for years with Phase II and performs original compositions as well as covers at events across the nation on his tenor steelpan. When Kwesi asked me to design his debut album’s cover, I was excited to give him something that would stand out and represent his talent and the colorful, passionate music that he makes. The album has since been distributed for sale digitally across multiple music platforms.

The Paper Studio

Of all the things I admire about Ms. Thomas, I think what stands out the most is that she evolves. She’s been a client since 2011, and started off doing greeting cards, event rentals and handmade gift items under the name, ‘Event Essentials’. Event Essentials then morphed into the Paper Studio, which says it all, although she’d first hoped for ‘Paper Love’ as the business name. A lot of work has been done: Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media Strategy/Planning as well as Training sessions with Ms. Thomas to help her improve her Facebook page, then learn how to manage it […]

Cardi Thomas

Mr. Cardinal Thomas, was a shoemaker in the town of Chantemelle in the island of Grenada in the early 1930’s. Affectionately called Cardi, by family members and villagers, he had eleven children, one of whom, Mr. Clyde Thomas immigrated to Trinidad in 1940 at the age of twenty-five. Ambokile Adio, Clyde’s grandon, was attracted to the art of leather tanning by the successes and legacy of his grandfather, Cardi Thomas and has mastered the process of vegetable leather tanning and is channeling the leather to skilled craftsmen. Mr. Adio came to me for Social Media Strategy and Execution but as […]

Forever Fit

Tamika Alexander is an AFAA Personal Trainer and previous body-building athlete, and winner of multiple National Senior Bodybuilding titles. Her bootcamps on a Saturday morning dedicated to plyometrics, circuit training, functional strength and endurance had been going on for a number of years. She wanted to empower people to tell their friends and family about the weekly ‘fit’ session. Forever Fit was meant to embody the notion that fitness is a lifestyle and not a period or phase that you endure just ‘until’ you’ve gotten to your desired point. As such, her tagline ‘work in progress’ essentially meant that there […]

My Hair Grows Like a Tree

First let me explain, the title is read from the bottom up.. I illustrated this childrens book with Tamika Phillip, who did initial rough sketches of the hairstyles that she wanted that I then, cleaned up, colored and designed page layouts for each style. Tamika Phillip is passionate, patient and had thoroughly researched everything that she referenced in the book,making this project a delightful one. The book has been distributed in multiple bookstores in the US, UK, Trinidad & Tobago and also made available online, and has since received great reviews. See more information about this book here.


In 2004, I registered a teeshirt brand, MAKI™ and have since sold designs as collections. I only ever produce a few garments at a time, because I like the idea of limited editions. Maki means two things. It is a deliberate bastardisation of the Hebrew word, machir or makir, which means ‘Israelite’. Also, my family name, Mc Kell, is affectionately abbreviated to Macky by friends of my father, and I”m a Daddy’s girl, what can I say..heh! Combining those two sentiments, I crafted the name ‘Maki’.