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Janessa M.T. Mc Kell (JM™) - Creative Entrepreneur


Web Development | Graphic Design | Brand Strategy | Online Marketing | Events Brand Manager/Co-ordinator

Client Testimonials

Janessa made the entire process of revamping our website seamless and simple. Her reasonable rates, prompt service, willingness to answer questions and especially, make changes close to the deadline made us realize we had made the correct choice. We would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in having high quality website design and development.

Passion, a commitment to excellence and carefully honed talents are just a few of the things that make Janessa successful at what she does. As a developing organisation, we needed diligent team members who could produce high quality work with very limited resources. Janessa’s professionalism and belief in our brand led to tremendous results. Given our experience of working with Janessa, I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional results.

What can I say that would not sound like I am exaggerating – but honestly, Janessa is a great designer who knows her stuff and that was when she was new to the business. NOW she’s undoubtedly one of the better designers out there…someone who is easy going but a go-getter at the same time. I miss working with her too 😉

Nadia-Simmone Polydore, Co-founder & Client Services Director - The Creative Machine

Janessa’s design work has always blown me away, so of course she was my first choice when I needed advertising materials done for a social media seminar my company hosted. I didn’t really have any clear ideas in mind, but Janessa talked to me and interpreted my confusion into a great end product. And despite my nitpicking at details, she took it all in stride, accommodating my changes with total professionalism. She even gave me some very helpful tips. I would recommend Janessa’s work to anyone!

Desiree Seebaran, Media and Marketing Strategist

A truly humble and extremely talented individual. Lyrical, visual, and musical… a combination I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Russel Aching, Saga Studios

Janessa is an effortlessly gifted graphic artist, with an impeccable work ethic and a passion for meeting the expressed needs of her clients. She has a wide skill set and varied work experience (evidenced in her portfolio) which allows her to have a panoramic appreciation of any project she undertakes. Her passion for learning keeps her on the cutting edge of her field and places anyone who recruits her services in the position of accessing the latest and best technology, skills and services as it relates to their requests.

Nicholle Judith Greaves, ONYUG Media

Janessa is not only a skilled and creative graphic designer but also a genuinely beautiful person. Up to today she has been the best and most diligent designer I’ve had the benefit of working with. In fact I don’t call anyone else before calling her.

Jason Cox, Business Development Manager at HB Rentals